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Satanic Panic, from my band Dark Disco Club. As far as the actual music goes, my role was the lyrics, vocals, song arrangement, production and mix.

I was really into the package design of this one. I created two separate CD packages for it. A simple “Black Edition”, which had a debossed cover. That means I printed it on my letterpress with no ink, also known as a blind impression. It includes a card inside with liner notes printed in metallic silver ink.

Then there was the “Deluxe” version. It came in a letterpress printed 7-inch record sleeve, with a 7x7″ lyrics booklet with all kinds of wild devlish imagery. I’m really proud of how this album came out. The songs kick ass, the production sounds great, and the package is really cool. If I weren’t me, I would buy one of these.

Listen to (and buy) the album here.